Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Monday, 8 October 2012

oh hai

hi-de-ho, strangers. sorry i've taken.... a week? oops. off the 30 day challenge thingy. i got really ill, had my first hospital adventure and have been unable to really do anything since. so this hiatus is set to continue for a good few days more. 

so, for now, here is a get well soon / thank for the book you haven't yet sent me because you have the lurgy picture my extremely talented chum sophie lees drew me! check out her more polished and simply superb work here.

it's totally my puppy when he's grown up. ^-^

so yes, i'm going to watch the yogscast, play star wars lego, eat crisp sandwiches and throw up all the bile ever 'til i can draw again. 



google chrome corrects the spelling of "lurgy" to "zymurgy", which is to do with fermentation of yeast or something, meaning beer, wine and cider! how cool is that? 


 feel free to laugh at me getting better on twitter. i suck at being ill and my emotions are hilarious.
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